Feedback Survey

We help school leaders understand what is really happening inside and outside the schools from their 4 important key stakeholders.

Student Voice

Understand what your students is saying about the schools, learning, environment, and other decisive factor in contributing their success in schools.

School Climate

Create better environment that is safe, social, and positive inside your school based on the feedback.

Teacher & Staff

Not only student, your teacher and staff play a big part in the school’s growth as well. Understand better what they need and create more positive environment for their growth.

Family & Community

It takes a village to raise a child, hear from your community to help build better schools that fit the situation.


Student Survey

Academic Achievement

Capture student perceptions using the Eddemy Student Survey, which features topics like Student Engagement, Pedagogical Effectiveness, School Climate, and Safety.

Family-School Relationships Survey

Improved Behavior

Engage parents, guardians, and family members with the Family-School Relationships Survey, which includes topics like Family Efficacy, School Fit, and Family Engagement.

Eddemy Teacher & Staff Survey

Long term

Get feedback from teachers and staff members with the Eddemy Teacher Survey, which includes topics like Feedback and Coaching, School Leadership, and Professional Learning.