Support student success in school and beyond

Eddemy helps educators use data to support each student’s needs, and helps leaders build great schools.

Eddemy makes it easy to monitor progress for every student, school, and your entire district.

Social-Emotional Learning

Understand and support students’ social-emotional learning—the skills and mindsets that are key for success in school, careers, and life.

Student Success

Track students’ progress across academics, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional learning, so every student receives the support they need.

Feedback Surveys

Collect reliable feedback from students, families, teachers, and staff about school climate and culture, engagement, communication, and more.

A powerful technology platform that supports student success

With tools that work together in one place, Eddemy helps educators and administrators take data-driven action to support student success.

Research-backed measures

Collect valid and reliable data with our library of research-backed measures, including surveys designed for students, families, teachers and staff, while using secure and mobile-friendly data collection.

Advanced data analytics

Visualize and interact with your data using dashboards and heatmaps. Disaggregate data across subgroups, compare to our national benchmarks, and download your reports to PDF and Excel.

Professional services, training & workshops

Our team understands the challenges facing your school or district. We work closely with you to coordinate survey programs, provide dedicated support, and offer training that builds data capacity.

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